NFT Discord communities are not working — what can we do today?

4 min readJul 26, 2022


Although not talked about much yet, Discord needs fundamental changes if we want to continue using it for NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collections and general digitization of the arts. In this article, you’ll find fundamentals on protecting your Discord server and more in-depth tips on how to take it to a whole new level.

What the NFT community has been flagging for a hot minute is that Discord isn’t a safe space for the industry that is expected to reach $122.43 billion by 2028, at a compound annual growth rate of 34.10% over the next 5 years (source: SkyQuest Technology). The flood of notifications in Discord makes it difficult for even experienced Internet users to dodge fake airdrops, spam, phishing links, and even Discord server hacks. From the industry leaders like Yuga Labs (200 ETH stolen) or Moonbirds (>1000 ETH stolen) to even the official OpenSea Discord channel, NFT industry is a relatively easy target to the skilled malicious developers.

So what can we do about it today?

First and foremost, server owners need to take care of their Discord servers thoroughly.

  • Set the verification level of your server high or the highest security level (the new members can post only after a certain time after joining and/or they need to have their phone number verified).
  • Set roles and permissions especially carefully: the changes others make to your server are irreversible.
  • Enable server-wide two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Constantly educate your community: set clear expectations about what’s and isn’t expected from the official source. Remind your community not to click on links they don’t trust 100%, to avoid free Nitro codes, to set their direct messages to “Friends Only”, and, of course, not to download files they didn’t expect to receive.

Let’s talk human psichology for a moment. An aspect that’s far too little discussed is that Discord communities today are faceless and follow similar patterns. While the anonymity of Web3 and blockchain culture has some unique advantages, anonymity is a phenomenon that we as humans haven’t experienced for thousands of years. The sense that others recognize who we are, coupled with various religious beliefs, historically lead us to a sense of social responsibility, community and belonging. I propose that this social structure is not so easy to abandon in an instant, even on the Web3. In a nameless community, you can be anyone, but also — no one, holding little responsibility for your behavior but also failing to find true enjoyment in the process.

Therefore, in addition to these technical suggestions, I’d like to propose a new way of building a Discord server community. A community with fewer notifications. With stronger connections. With a sense of making a difference and a sense of belonging. That’s what communities are originally about, and I strongly believe that it’ll be a very long time before we don’t need that from the communities we want to be a part of. This is what we at ArtAdvance are also striving for.

  • Organize online events where your community can actually meet each other. Today we have numerous platforms where we can meet online (for example, digital gallery openings at Cryptovoxels or digital conferences at Gather Town).
  • Establish community suggestions and rules such as accessing certain channels only by request, being radically empathetic to each other and
  • Propose community traditions such as online guided meditation or open mic evenings.
  • Allow the community voting and influencing the development of your activity (f.e. an NFT collection).
  • Normalize real life meetings for your community members and NFT owners. At the end of the day we're all human with needs to meet, mingle, discuss and belong.

What else?

Why don’t we as an NFT community think outside the box and seek for potentially better platforms. These days we’ve many: GM FanCircles, Pumble, the list goes on. Do you have your favorite Discord alternative already? Share it with us in the comments!

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By Kotryna Tribusinaite




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