Could you become an NFT Curator?

Picture via The Odessa Journal

NFT Curators are Curators

  1. Defining the term. What is curatorship? The term “curator” comes from the Latin word cura, which means 'to care for'. So originally, curators were hired to take care of works of art.
  • ‘a curator is a manager or overseer’;
Art Curator, Erin Remington | Picture via Shoutout LA
  • Observe — What social shifts are currently happening in society?
  • Track — What exhibitions recently blew up, and which artists were involved?
  • Have an opinion — Who’s not currently recognized and in your opinion is a great artist and why?
  • Go to that party — Acknowledge that big waves start in small circles. Don’t underestimate the next underground hipster performance in your neighborhood basement.

Curators with a little bit of spice

So all the above points apply to both art curators and NFT curators. But how are NFT curators different from any other kind of curatorship?

Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza, Art Collector and Philanthropist | Picture via World Investment Forum
AI-generated piece, screenshotted Luciano Abriata. Picture via LucianoSphere



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